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Cruel animal act: Thought you had seen everything? February 9, 2008

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Then you are mistaken.

The pictures are from a zoo in Xiamen in the southeast of China where the visitors can bare witness to how lions weighting in at 190 kg and even heavier climb the back of horses and ride around the circus ring while a trainer with a whip keeps it moving. This is only one event in the row of what goes on in the countries unknown zoos where lion, tigers and bears are kept in solitary confinement in tiny cages.

In Xiogsen in Fujian, South-East China a bear and tiger mountain village in Guilin the audience can witness lambs being thrown to tigers and in Jinan has bears been forced to compete with human weightlifters about who is the better to drag cars.

Elsewhere in the country, bears ride bicycles at an “Animal Games” in Nanjing.

In Changchun a tiger has been placed into the same cage as an ox. To heighten the excitement has the tiger been strapped with a muzzle which leads to a elongated fight for life and death.

The organisation Save the Tigers of China, a charity which has a branch in the UK, have started a campaign to save the animals who are being kept in the zoos of the country.

The goal is to release the tigers from their cages, start breeding programs and relocate these proud animals to their proper elements after they are taught to hunt on their own.