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Who the hell care what I have to say anyway?

So much I want to say April 7, 2008

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I can never explain myself fully in your presence. I get lost, can’t express it well. So much is lost in my translation between the heart, the mind and shaping it orally. And there is so much I want you to understand.

I can just wish that in some way you do know. That you know enough to understand that you mean the world to me and I happy to be with you.


It keeps me puzzled… March 10, 2008

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This is so deviant and enigmatic that it has kept puzzling me. I am truley so disturbed and perplexed. I haven’t mentioned anything to him about how I am perceiving it cause – how do I tell a friend that something that he has a broken heart from is abnormal.

The story is, I had lost a dear family member and expected both condolences and emotional support from my friend. I heard nothing from him until after a week had passed when he approached me with that his puppy had died. OK, this is all sad, I love animals myself – but he had the puppy for 3 days and my friend had been in such a bad shape because of it’s death that he had completely broke apart and had been laying in his bed for a week in pain and crying over this. On top of this he keeps its ashes in a urn at home which isn’t my problem or an issue just further adds to the disturbness. He couldn’t be there for me because of a dog he had for THREE days, this pisses me off.

This is not a child I am talking about, he is an adult of 30 years of age. And quite frankly, this scares me and that is a healthy reaction to me.

Is it me, am I being mean?


I cannot figure you. January 29, 2008

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Logic says you just are not as good of a friend as I thought you were.

My heart says you’ve lost it.

You social skills are a bit off but to not wish condolences when a friend loose someone near is rotten.

So basically yea, I cannot figure you.

I believed you if anyone would always be there for me.

Through everything.

I just think you’ve lost it.

You’re lost.

Considering other recent aspects of observation also.

I guess you’ve just lost it and I need to stay away (from you).