Kitty Boo

Who the hell care what I have to say anyway?

Kitty Boo January 25, 2008

Who the hell care what I have to say anyway?


Well, not everyone write because they want or need strangers to notice them. This is no attempt to be noticed. But if I had something against people reading my words I wouldn’t be having this journal. I type because I have bullshit that I need to let out and I don’t want to bother a close one with it. Maybe I just need to get things off my chest, figure them out, work them out – and I feel it’s too ridiculous to say so I spell it. I also like to write, and to converse – so sometimes I may even ‘Allow Comments’. Being a woman, I do not have the need nor any yearning to expose myself sexually in a physical way on the Internet (I’m not dissing the net though it may sound as if) but I may or may not post a or several pictures of myself in the future, doing so would be “just posting” and not posing. I may also type things in sexual context, cause maybe I want to type any desire down or similar. I like crazy people, people who really live, but with respect for others. So even though I myself may be a bit conservative I do not at all have anything against those who are not. In fact, it is very much the opposite.

So, after 5 minutes of nonsense, making no sense, I can honestly say that not even I care what I have to say. That’s why I type it down, and move on. Spare the friends, throw it at strangers who may ‘need something to read’, laugh at, upset themselves with, aso.


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