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Hyperemesis gravidarum April 8, 2008

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All I do is be tired/sleep and feel ill/vomit. I was to the doctor for any kind of relief that didn’t mean hurting the baby and I came home with Postafen® (meklozinhydroklorid) from the drugstore. It worked fine the first couple of days to later cause severe dozyness (which is a usual adverse effect) to then not being able to keep any of em down long enough for them give effect so I stopped taking them. Not taking anything against sickness right now.

What is not kind at all is that I cannot drink any water without vomiting. Believe me when I say I am thirsty.

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Current status: I’m 10 weeks. Too ill to get myself down to the lab to get tested (the usual tests that pregnant women get). I’m too ill to take the dog out and Antonio (father to be) is travelling daily from the other side of the city to take him out. Love to you for doing that.


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