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Preparing for motherhood March 31, 2008

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Have been at my mothers today. My uncle + more helped her with the last stuff. She is now entirely moved into the new apartment.

Tomorrow is the second appointment with the midwife.

I, myself, have talked to Anna P and now have a number for what would be appropriate for rent and can now really find myself a new apartment.

The number means that everything will go well and that this is really going to happen. It felt really bad that I had got myself pregnant and not knowing I could get myself an appropriate apartment but luckily everything is going according my mentally mapped out plans. So far. It is a relief and I have informed the father of my baby that it is going to happen – we will have this baby.

He, by the way, has got stress related zits. He is not ready for fatherhood :-).

Which is the reason to why I am getting an apartment by myself and for myself and the child. He is not involved in anything at the moment. When (or shall I say if) he is ready we can modify the living arrangements.

Nothing from this apartment except the electronic items (and the sofa which I plan to re-dress and pillow-up to save money) is going to the new apartment.

The baby is not due for another 7 months, I am going to begin buying the things for the baby in perhaps the 6th of 7th month.

The following months, I will get the new furniture and store them still packed for the move. I am figuring… I need new outfits this months so will buy that and the cheapest of the furniture which is the shelf.

Next month, maybe I’ll get the new bed. Who knows.

I want to clear out an earlier, possibly conflicting, statement how I am responsible enough to wait with becoming pregnant until living arrangements and such are in order. Well, here I am pregnant and things are not in order. So let me explain this. The idea was to have children in about at least 3 years from now and here I find myself pregnant. I had that time limit because it felt right these days, who knows what happens down the line but that was my feelings around it at this time. I was not sure that I could even become pregnant (OK not reason enough to be careless) and now I realize that something someone told me now years ago that you may not become pregnant because you are not feeling well (mentally) and all of a sudden you are better and find yourself pregnant. This is what happened to me. While with my ex we tried to get pregnant without success which is why I did not believe 100% that I could become pregnant since nothing came of that. Being in a bad place both mentally and physically back then I see how the statement probably is the reason. Today, I have never been better than I am today. And viola!


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