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Rest in Peace grandmother, see you when I get there. February 24, 2008

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Grandmother’s funeral was beautiful, I think she would have liked what we had arranged for her. We remembered the good times with her – before Alzheimer’s & demesne, missing her dearly. We had selected a coffin in a special wood that has come to represents the area where she migrated from, and was dear in her heart. The priest spoke of Kurbits which is a painting style and that she had always been painting (she used to have her own studio) & how it might have been appropriate that we would have painted the coffin in that style. Unfortunately was no other family member as interested in learning it despite encouragement from her. Relatives played the harp in the church and at the gathering afterwards. Grandmother was of the older times and music was played accordingly, music that we so often had watched her dance to and hear her sing. She was very artistically gifted, singing and dancing and painting is what she represented, it was her. When the funeral ended men in black carried the coffin to her final resting place and sunk the coffin down. It was too apparent to not notice that they themselves was of old age. This is where some of us took the final goodbye. The priest spoke something very beautiful of this during the funeral. How to us it may be hard to watch this but to her what can be more beautiful, loved ones following her to the last step, as far as we can, she eyeing the heaven from down there and people that she loved being there with her.

So now you are resting besides your husband, my grandfather. God bless you both. ❤

See you when I get there grandmother. I miss you.


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