Kitty Boo

Who the hell care what I have to say anyway?

A cat that sleeps all day keeps you awake all night. February 10, 2008

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How great is it when it is 5 minutes till you go to sleep for the rest of the night and the cat comes to rub up against your legs and your realize you haven’t seen the cat all day? Why haven’t you seen the cat until now? Because it has been in hiding (as cats so often are) and sleeping all day about to make your nights rest a hell of a struggle. Would another cat (that makes two) solve some essential problems or add to it? Would the cats then have eachother to play with all day so they are tired at night and then sleep all night out of exhaustion or would you then have two cats terrorising you at bed time? A option is to throw the cat out during the days (it doesn’t sleep when it’s out, right?) but my cat jumps with fear up on the door trying to get back in so that wouldn’t work.


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