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Friendship February 5, 2008

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Now I regret that I replied (had any contact with you) because doing so had a negative effect on my mood. I’m hoping that writing it off me a bit here shall get me back into balance and on track. I have things to tend to and no time for any interruption – knew I shouldn’t have dealt with you now. As other left-brained people I tend to be analytical, logical, rational and objective and I do not handle people who do not possess much of these qualities very well. Perhaps because I am emotional and honest. People who are negatively erratical ( people can be erratical in good ways too) and shock me with actions that don’t speak much pro-friendship in a friendship relation don’t escape me since I believe much in friendship-manor. People-manor in general. One expects more from a friend. The question is if I should/could let your explanation pass my heart. It is brought to my attention how weak you are and even if I am all for caring for the weak I feel that our friendship has been damaged and my heart (and perhaps pride?) needs understanding (not pity).

On another side – I don’t care what other people do – but this was suppose to be a friendship.

I am hurt and I know that with you I am just suppose to get over it because you are extremely introverted with difficulties to relate to others than yourself. The question is how I want it, I guess it’s as simple as that. In theory, the heart sometimes wants to take another direction.

Typing this down didn’t really solve anything. It released the anger and brought out sadness and a tad of confusion. But I suppose it is the right path towards healing and a conclusion.


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