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Rest in Peace grandmother, see you when I get there. February 24, 2008

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Grandmother’s funeral was beautiful, I think she would have liked what we had arranged for her. We remembered the good times with her – before Alzheimer’s & demesne, missing her dearly. We had selected a coffin in a special wood that has come to represents the area where she migrated from, and was dear in her heart. The priest spoke of Kurbits which is a painting style and that she had always been painting (she used to have her own studio) & how it might have been appropriate that we would have painted the coffin in that style. Unfortunately was no other family member as interested in learning it despite encouragement from her. Relatives played the harp in the church and at the gathering afterwards. Grandmother was of the older times and music was played accordingly, music that we so often had watched her dance to and hear her sing. She was very artistically gifted, singing and dancing and painting is what she represented, it was her. When the funeral ended men in black carried the coffin to her final resting place and sunk the coffin down. It was too apparent to not notice that they themselves was of old age. This is where some of us took the final goodbye. The priest spoke something very beautiful of this during the funeral. How to us it may be hard to watch this but to her what can be more beautiful, loved ones following her to the last step, as far as we can, she eyeing the heaven from down there and people that she loved being there with her.

So now you are resting besides your husband, my grandfather. God bless you both. ❤

See you when I get there grandmother. I miss you.


Plans, changes. February 18, 2008

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I am going to innovate my home totally. I will gradually replace & restyle.

Prioritised to the top of the list is the case & the bed:

Then things from the below pictures:

After this I will tend to the electric accessories such as a flat TV, new monitor (also flat, ofc). HAven’t checked on this yet and before I will actually get it I’m sure the market is more fresh so will check at a later time. After that, shall a drivers license be taken. No more bullshit – time to DO stuff! I am however very immediately jumping on a course to prepare for the job I soon shall employ.


A cat that sleeps all day keeps you awake all night. February 10, 2008

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How great is it when it is 5 minutes till you go to sleep for the rest of the night and the cat comes to rub up against your legs and your realize you haven’t seen the cat all day? Why haven’t you seen the cat until now? Because it has been in hiding (as cats so often are) and sleeping all day about to make your nights rest a hell of a struggle. Would another cat (that makes two) solve some essential problems or add to it? Would the cats then have eachother to play with all day so they are tired at night and then sleep all night out of exhaustion or would you then have two cats terrorising you at bed time? A option is to throw the cat out during the days (it doesn’t sleep when it’s out, right?) but my cat jumps with fear up on the door trying to get back in so that wouldn’t work.


Cruel animal act: Thought you had seen everything? February 9, 2008

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Then you are mistaken.

The pictures are from a zoo in Xiamen in the southeast of China where the visitors can bare witness to how lions weighting in at 190 kg and even heavier climb the back of horses and ride around the circus ring while a trainer with a whip keeps it moving. This is only one event in the row of what goes on in the countries unknown zoos where lion, tigers and bears are kept in solitary confinement in tiny cages.

In Xiogsen in Fujian, South-East China a bear and tiger mountain village in Guilin the audience can witness lambs being thrown to tigers and in Jinan has bears been forced to compete with human weightlifters about who is the better to drag cars.

Elsewhere in the country, bears ride bicycles at an “Animal Games” in Nanjing.

In Changchun a tiger has been placed into the same cage as an ox. To heighten the excitement has the tiger been strapped with a muzzle which leads to a elongated fight for life and death.

The organisation Save the Tigers of China, a charity which has a branch in the UK, have started a campaign to save the animals who are being kept in the zoos of the country.

The goal is to release the tigers from their cages, start breeding programs and relocate these proud animals to their proper elements after they are taught to hunt on their own.


Friendship February 5, 2008

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Now I regret that I replied (had any contact with you) because doing so had a negative effect on my mood. I’m hoping that writing it off me a bit here shall get me back into balance and on track. I have things to tend to and no time for any interruption – knew I shouldn’t have dealt with you now. As other left-brained people I tend to be analytical, logical, rational and objective and I do not handle people who do not possess much of these qualities very well. Perhaps because I am emotional and honest. People who are negatively erratical ( people can be erratical in good ways too) and shock me with actions that don’t speak much pro-friendship in a friendship relation don’t escape me since I believe much in friendship-manor. People-manor in general. One expects more from a friend. The question is if I should/could let your explanation pass my heart. It is brought to my attention how weak you are and even if I am all for caring for the weak I feel that our friendship has been damaged and my heart (and perhaps pride?) needs understanding (not pity).

On another side – I don’t care what other people do – but this was suppose to be a friendship.

I am hurt and I know that with you I am just suppose to get over it because you are extremely introverted with difficulties to relate to others than yourself. The question is how I want it, I guess it’s as simple as that. In theory, the heart sometimes wants to take another direction.

Typing this down didn’t really solve anything. It released the anger and brought out sadness and a tad of confusion. But I suppose it is the right path towards healing and a conclusion.


I hate all dust-collecting interior. February 4, 2008

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I hate all dust-collecting interior. I just recently got rid of a sofa that was the biggest dust-magnet I’ve probably seen. The new sofa isn’t nearly as bad but a new better-on-the-dust-front sofa is definitely on the list over furniture that needs to be replaced. With my washing machine breaking down months ago and a disliking for official laundromats and being a clean person I’m clearly exited about the new washing machine installation the 1st of April. To explain this disliking for official laundromats – not being a single woman but living solo I do not particularly like to place myself in situations where I’m vulnerable. Especially with so many reports of women being raped and murdered in laundromats over the last decade.