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The journey is long, make it worth while. January 31, 2008

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Could you ever imagine that the spot you’re in right now was where you was going to end up? If I had known. So much I’ve learned. From a violent and insecure child to a calm, educated, profound, quite sophisticated woman. No longer lost in a mist of confusion, no longer impaired but arise from chaos – satisfied and spiritually found. I am aware of that my world could fall quite easily and it frightens me but I cherish my endorsement, appreciate it and hope for the best. For with a positive energy you are more likely to succeed. In this case succeeding relies on keeping. What it truly mean I am keeping to myself. Through weak years I found the strength, the strength helped me found me. I am always going to remember the tough moments in the past, but what makes me smile and love in present time shall forever be prioritised. Which is a reminder to myself not to let bad influences from the past control my happiness in my present. The journey is long, make it worth while.